FetLife Is Not Safer for Users. CONVICTION OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN

Individuals on other sites and then link them to peoples’ real identities as part of false accusations against them like him are the reason for some of Fetlife’s policies, as he’s been known to do things like take portions of conversations or attacks he’s made on Fetlife and place them. Underneath the guise of “keeping the grouped community safe” he actively works to push everybody to just accept their agenda by risk of destroying them when they disagree.

You, Ms. Flox, are a pal of their ( perhaps perhaps not just a random accusation, you’re in the Facebook community and connected somewhere else in the materials) and element of their little system of buddies that really work to mutually play up one another’s reputations and also this assault on Fetlife, without exposing their (well known by his or her own doing) title or your link with him could be the sort that is worst of reason for “journalism.” This piece that is entire element of a clear agenda by an egotist tyrant and their cronies.

We think about maymay an ally within the combat a sex-negative globe in exactly the same way We start thinking about John Baku an ally

That will not imply that we consider problematic for the community that I will ignore things. That thing is Fetlife’s assurance to users that their content is safe when it isn’t, and it’s silencing of victims in this post. The latter is one thing Fetlife has over over over repeatedly told us they’re considering. The previous is one thing they are able to effortlessly rectify having a few lines of rule.

It is not an “attack” on Fetlife. We don’t desire Fetlife to wither and perish. I would like them to correct these presssing dilemmas and develop stronger. I feel Fetlife has done a lot of good for the community and I know that addressing these issues fairly and transparently would benefit us even more as I have said above.

In terms of maybe maybe perhaps not using maymay’s title (and modifying it from your remark), in my opinion in enabling visitors to self-identify as they begin to, particularly when they run in the sex-positive motion (see my overwhelmingly unpopular response to the Alexa DiCarlo outing right here).

This might be real even yet in the truth of individuals who have been in the entire process of working their method through the appropriate system. When they ask me to eliminate their final names from pieces (supplied parameters occur to put on them in charge of their actions), i shall probably oblige. It has been a standing policy with this weblog (see for the very first example).

Finally, if my “journalism” does not suit you — read it don’t!

You understand if you Google maymay their web site pops up as top outcome along with his title is instantly at the top of the web web page? He does self-identify under their genuine title.

As noted, he regularly “outs” people as an element of their cyberbullying, therefore “hiding” his very identity that is public into the degree of comical.

He could be no ally of intimate freedom. He’s an ideologue whom utilizes punishment and threats in an attempt to force their view of exactly how others’ sex should really be on it.

As an internet designer ( for a big high-security sites for all banking organizations, maybe not Fetlife) I am able to plainly see you have got not merely misrepresented specific facts, but they are additionally ignorant in regards https://hookupwebsites.org/downdating-review to the technology which you assert can be so flawed.

You are wrong about accessing the site without logging in while I accept your point about file deletion from the Amazon CDN servers. MightMay’s PHP proxy just is just a script that which will programmatically log on to Fetlife for you personally. You nevertheless still need to get in and register makes up access. You can’t see Fetlife content without loggin in. As soon as these records become know, Fetlife will probably block them instantly and really should additionally block their originating IPs.It is far faster for FL to block than it’s for MayMay to generate accounts that are fakeAgainst Fetlifes terms of good use BTW)

It is not a protection flaw. If it had been, no account could be required whatsoever. MayMay (and you also?) are creating a false claim. I have no doubt that people with such mindsets will throw around false accusations of assualt and rape if you can make false claims about something so germane. whenever you get upset or simply just would like to get back at some body. You can not reject this occurs a lot more than you worry to admit.